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Too pretty to pass up at the market! Dragon Fruit also known as pitaya is part of the cactus family. Legend has it that the fruit was created by fire breathing dragons. After the dragon would blow fire, the fruit would be the last thing to come out. After the dragon was slain the fruit would be collected and presented to the emperor as a symbol of victory and treasure. (Sounds like some Game of Thrones shizzzz lol). Anyways, they are filled with antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium and fiber. The texture tastes exactly like a kiwi. The flavor is a little sweet and very settle. I usually just cut them in half and eat the inside with a spoon. You can scoop the inside out, slice and add to a beautiful salad. Great for smoothies too! 

Bella’s doggy treat of choice! I chop some carrots up and keep them in a baggy in the fridge for when she deserves one. 😊 So many of the doggy treats out there are filled with so much crap! She has a sensitive tummy so nothing but clean treats for her! She loves carrots & banana slices. Once in a while I’ll pick up some Newman’s Own Organics treats for her. Have you read up on what’s in your pup’s treats lately???

raashishrawat asked:

Hi Neisy! I've always been used to eating cornflakes but recently saw a documentary that showed that even cornflakes (specially with all it's new flavors) is not the healthiest meal in the morning anymore. I am therefore switching to oatmeal. I've never really been an oatmeal eater before and therefore request you to share some interesting oatmeal recipes which are tasty (with healthy sugar substitutes). Thanks so much! xx

I applaud you for giving up your cornflakes!!! I know it is not easy to give up your favorite cereal! I use to be a cereal monster! Loved it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Over the years of doing research, I too have come to the conclusion that these so called “healthy” cereals aren’t as healthy as we thought… or as we were brainwashed to think. Many are filled with preservatives, weird dyes, chemicals, gmo etc… YUCK & NO THANK YOU. 

Switching to an organic oatmeal is best. I have finally ditched the white sugar and brown sugar, and have just learned to love love love fruit! My favorite way to eat oatmeal is plain, with any chopped raw fruit. The fruit usually changes with the season. Sometimes I will add chia seeds, bee pollen, vegan protein powder or hemp seeds for added nutrients. If I add milk it’s always a vegan option: Almond or coconut. 

It is hard at first to ditch the processed refined sugar so if you feel like you need to add a sweetener try out: REAL organic maple syrup, RAW organic honey, stevia or Agave (be careful with agave since it is processed). 

I hope my suggestions help you out! :)

Ok guys & gals, I just discovered a new hidden gem that I am dying to share with you all! As many of you know I’m always on the hunt for organic/natural health & beauty products. I’ve said this many times, but I’m gonna say it again… Our skin is our largest organ, whatever we put on it literally gets absorbed right into our bodies. We all need to start paying attention to not only what we are putting INTO our bodies, but what we are putting on the outside of our bodies as well. With that said meet DollyMoo! I had the pleasure of receiving a few goodies from them & have absolutely fallen in love! ❤DollyMoo is made with selectively chosen organic & natural ingredients, which they mix & package by hand! They use recyclable glass for their packaging as well! YAY!♻I got to try out their coconut citrus body oil, tangerine oat body scrub & one of their silky moisturizing peppermint clove lip balms. They all smell DEVINE & my skin has never felt/looked better! And you guys won’t believe the reasonable prices on all their products! I was shocked when I visited their website! Soooo DollyMoo has been so gracious to let me offer an extra 25% off all orders on top of their already reasonable prices to all of you! All you have to do is type in the promo code: defineyourskinny in the last step of the checkout process. The sale ends Friday, August 30th at midnight!🌙

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